A-1 Alignment Service

A1 Alignment Service offers affordable services that focus on wheel alignment, repairs, and maintenance for almost every make and model.

Front and Rear Wheel Alignments:

Front and rear wheel alignments provide safe, smooth car control. Our mechanics work with every aspect of your vehicle to diagnose your issue and solve the problem, fast.


C.V. Shaft Repair and Replacement:

A-1 Alignment Service

C.V. Shafts grind, click and pop when turning. When these shafts wear, you get noise and vibration. Let A-1 Alignment Service keep your moving metal parts well lubricated to extend the life of your vehicle’s suspension and keep you on the road.

Shocks and Struts:

Your shocks and struts maintain the smooth handling of your vehicle. When they are in peak condition, you get peak performance. When they are worn, your car or truck can become unsafe - swaying, hydroplaning, and losing contact with the road.